Coach Maria Cecilia


Greetings! I am coach and founder Maria Cecilia, a Cuban-American homeschooling mother to 10 children (5 boys and 5 girls of which 5 are Saints!). We live on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi with my husband and sweet huggable corgi.

I’ve always had a passion for sports. Growing up with four brothers, sports were an opportunity to connect. They also helped me connect with my peers: with English as my second language, we were able to communicate more easily through sports.   

My greatest passion, however, is for the sanctity of human lives.  As a long time member of the pro-life movement, I’ve seen so much destruction of human life. I still felt helpless, though –

Sharing on social media can bring about news and awareness of pro-life issues. As well prayer and fasting is a very important aspect of being pro-life.  

But I wanted to do something more tangible and from a different angle!

That’s how Mighty Precious Feet was born.

As mom to (4) girls, I noticed the whole “empowerment movement” was full of lies and deception. It divorced empowerment from the virtues, insisting that personal freedom came without responsibility. Among other falsehoods, it tells girls that unplanned pregnancies will prevent them from reaching their career and educational goals.

In a nutshell, it strips away the dignity of human life.

Our girls deserve better.

They deserve true empowerment, where Godly virtues are the key to achieve their greatness, set in motion by God.

They deserve to be treated as a whole person and equipped with healthy habits, inspiring role models, and a can-do attitude.

These tools will aid them in living out an amazing life filled with passion and achievement.

Mighty Precious Feet will support you in your vocation as parents. We will provide your girls with the tools needed to become the young women God wants them to be. We will teach them the truth about human dignity at every stage and equip them to live a courageous life where all lives are protected and cherished.

Join me in this movement to #takebackourgirls.

Maria Cecilia Escobedo

Founder / Coach of Mighty Precious Feet