We use running as a physical activity to inspire girls to honor their body. 

To engage them in the importance of a healthy body, to enhance love for being active, to build habits that lead to life long health.  Running is gear for girls of all fitness level.

It can be done anywhere with anyone with only the cost of a good pair of running shoes. 

Our commitment is for girls to know how to run better and smarter so that with these tools they can set goals of fitness with ease.

 We adapt running games and drills as well to teach empowerment principles and virtues to grow the soul and mind.

We participate in a local 5Ks-1 mile fun run to give another opportunity for the family the chance to live out the commitment of living a healthy life.These runs give girls a sense of accomplishment as they have a visual goal to meet, the crossing the finish line.

The start for setting and achieving life goal.