The empowerment thinking of the power of words along with the virtue of Respect!

Girls learn “kind words” such as be kind, be caring, be honest, be respectful and so on.

Yet, many girls do not come across other words that we call Power Words.

 Power words are competitive in nature such as powerful, focused, brave, mighty, bold, possible, determined!


We use power words in all of session so that these girls have another set of words to hold on to and live by. 

When we face physical challenges, we go straight to negative thinking. I can’t. It’s too hard. I am not good at that. 

We give up before we even start. To overcome this, we need to change our thinking. To help our girls overcome all challenges, we need to help them change their thinking!

We teach girls to change their negative thinking by equipping them with a vocabulary of empowerment that will help them to see themselves in a new way.

All of this is just wonderful yet it can be set in an empty selfish way if we don’t add the virtues of this empowerment tool of power words.

Starting with the virtue of Respect! 


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